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What is Your Unique Beauty?
BTS Jungkook → Tom Holland: Vitamin C Crystal

The most beautiful moments in life are the ones when you felt invincible with your loved ones. You’re full of pure and unfiltered joy. You work harder to create a better you like Jungkook and Tom Holland. The glowy, hydrated, bright skin look takes work. Vitamin C is known to be a very powerful ingredient in the journey to achieving that look. Check out our Vitamin C Crystal!
CL → Rihanna: Bat Eye Mask by Wish Formula

You know what you want and strive for it no matter what may get in your way just like Rihanna and CL. You are full of confidence and energy. These bad b****s are known for their fierce eye makeup, but removing it often can make the skin around the eyes sensitive. The Bat Eye Mask by Wish Formula with honey and centella will help soothe after a long day.
Blackpink Lisa → Lizzo: Snow Glow Sheet Masks by Meditamin

You are soft hearted, authentic, full of energy and creative! If Lizzo and Lisa have taught you anything, it is that you are the main star of your own show, adding color to everything you do. The stress of being on stage and the lighting can easily be harmful to the skin so the Snow Glow Sheet Mask by Meditamin can help restore and moisturize to make sure the skin stays glowy and hydrated before, after, and during the show.
Blackpink Jisoo → Selena Gomez: Smile Clean Face

Selena and Jisoo are both elegant queens and so are you, with natural beauty exuding from your aura. A little bit witty but always caring and embracing your own uniqueness. They both use makeup as an artistic expression, but makeup can be very irritating to the skin and removing it completely can be a challenge. The Smile Clean Face by Ucine Beauty was made specifically to make this easier, ensuring that your skin is clean and your pores are not clogged with remains of foundation.
Han Hyo Joo → Scarlet Johansson: Day-Day-365 by Wish Formula

Like Scarlet Johansson and Han Hyo Joo, your personality shines when you are with the people you are comfortable with and strive to do your best for the ones you love. You don’t get stressed easily and are always there for your loved ones. Being a superhero 365 days a year can be very stressful, especially with our busy lifestyles and no free-time. The Day-Day-365 All in one Boosting Pad Mask was formulated to simplify your skincare routine so you can glow on the go.
BTS V → Harry Styles: The Wish Formula Bubble Peeling Pad

You are a brave person, a free spirit, and full of originality. Authenticity is your word. Just like V from BTS and Harry Styles, you have a great sense of expression and this makes up a large part of your life either from meeting with different people all the time like Harry and V or spending time with your loved ones. After interacting with many people, who doesn’t want to enjoy a relaxing time after days of dealing with a busy schedule? The Wish Formula Bubble Peeling Pad can leave your skin happy like a “Boy in Luv” or “Watermelon Sugar High” and it’s perfect for a spa-night.
Gong Yoo → Robert Downey Jr.: Night-Night-365 by Wish Formula

Like the actors of ‘Train to Busan’ and 'Iron Man' you are courageous and have very little to fear just like Robert Downey Jr. and Gong Yoo. Both are so talented, simple, wise, skillful in their own rights just like you! Both actors also make it a fact to properly take care of themselves especially a night before a big shoot. If you want to have a well-developed and complete nighttime skin care routine but cannot even think about having to use more than one product every night, the Night-Night-365 Sleeping Pad Mask simplifies your nightly ritual with its all-in-one function.

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