Webtoons About Beauty: the hottest Korean comics about makeup!

Webtoons About Beauty: the hottest Korean comics about makeup!

korean webtoons about beauty

Japan is famous for mangas, their very well-loved comics. However, Korea has their own version called “webtoons”-super short, serialized comics published on Naver (a Korean search engine). Since Korea is a country that cares a lot about makeup and skincare, it was just a matter of time before kbeauty became a subject of webtoons. We are going to introduce you to the hottest webtoons about beauty in Korea right now.

True Beauty by Yaongji

This is  the most famous of the webtoons about beauty in Korea right now.  Originally named 여신강림( Yeosin-gangnim), which can be roughly translated as “The Advent of a Goddess”, this webtoon talks about a girl who transforms herself into a goddess though makeup. This webtoon refers to the way that Koreans define beautiful people as “god” or “goddess”.


When she was a teenager, Jukyung was bullied and mocked for not taking care of herself. Perceived as ugly, she has to deal with the standards of a society that cares a lot about “beauty”. She then asks for advice on a forum online – a very common thing in Korea – and starts getting into makeup.

After spending her entire vacation following makeup tutorials and practicing on herself, she is finally able to transform herself into a beautiful goddess. Her peers at school cannot recognize her. Like many webtoons about beauty, this comic emphasizes the power of makeup.

Even though her external image has changed, internally Jaekyung is still a nerd. She spends her free time in a comic book cafè, where she loves to read scary mangas. This is where she meets the mysterious and cold Suho, a rich and handsome boy from her school who will end up and finding out about  her true face.

The adventures are not nearly over for our heroine. She accidentally starts a friendship with the equally handsome idol-wannabe and bad boy Sejun, after doing her sister’s makeup. Without her noticing, both Sejun and Suho develop a huge crush on her. Who will she choose?

Webtoons about Beauty are way to showcase Kbeauty Products.

This has been an ongoing webtoon for more than one year. The weebtoon was so successful, that it even scored a drama. We told you merely half of the story; “True Beauty” talks about teenagers growing up, impossible beauty standards and social expectations such as the difficulty of choosing a non-conventional career path.

Both the drama and the webtoon by artist Yaongyi also showcased very recognizable kbeauty products, proving how webtoons about beauty can be extremely profitable for brands. Currently, there are also several collaborations between the artist and kbeauty brands, such as the collection with Cologram TOK.

The comic shows the palettes and lip-tints from the brand several times, together with other recognizable kbeauty products. Moreover, the brand became the Official Makeup Sponsor of the drama, creating a craze between teenagers who buy drama products as collectibles.

The Makeup Remover by Lee Yeon

Albeit less famous compared to “True Beauty”, another successful comic out of the webtoons about beauty in Korea is “The Makeup Remover”. In this webtoon, we see how hot trends appear and are incorporated in the story.

Once again we have a girl, Yeseul, who dedicated her life to becoming a good student and didn’t take care of herself. Now a photography major, she sees other girls dressing up and putting on makeup. She wants to become like the popular Instagram model Heewon, who also attends her same class.

Yuseong is a famous celebrity makeup artist, secretly the son of a makeup company CEO. He also wears makeup and hides his true face behind a full face. Yuseong is looking for an unconventional model that he could use to do different makeups, however such a “normal” face is hard to find.

He rejects several models until he finds Yeseul by coincidence. Yuseoung will be able to convince her to take part in a televised contest as his model. Will Yeseul gain more confidence thanks to her makeup? Like the other webtoons about beauty, this comic also has some serious moments where the cartoonist reflects on the pressure of society and beauty standards.

Many themes such as women’s harassment and nepotism appear in the script. However, there are also many lighter situations, together with segments where the cartoonist adds tips about choosing the right makeup and skincare.

Have you read one of these webtoons? If you’re passionate about manga and beauty, we are sure you’ll love them!

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