Three Make-up Trends from Korea to try in 2021

Three Make-up Trends from Korea to try in 2021

Covid-19 has us wearing masks and forces us to stay away from social events, yet makeup is still a staple in many individual’s beauty routines. While we may not have the occasion to flaunt our crimson lipstick on a date or our new fake eyelashes on a girls’ night, it seems as though makeup sales are still growing strong. The use of masks might forecast a trend in choosing products that emphasize the eyes, but surprisingly lip products are all the rage right now! Let’s take a look at the make-up trends from Korea for 2021.

make-up trends from Korea
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Glossy Lips: high shine guaranteed with new ways to apply lip glosses.

One might think that wearing a mask would stop us from wearing lip products, particularly lip-gloss. Surprisingly, this season’s make-up trends from Korea prove otherwise!! Glossy lips have been seen everywhere, with many brands selling glittery and shiny lip glosses. Fenty Beauty pioneered this 90’s fashion trend revival with its luscious and glittery lip glosses, followed by Korean brands producing vinyl glosses. Glossy lips are paired with glossy skin (the infamous “Glass Skin” is STILL a trend), enhanced by cream highlighters.

Many people hate sticky glosses for a variety of reasons- we’ve all had our hair stuck on our lips, at some point. Moreover, wearing gloss under the mask sounds totally uncomfortable. However, many companies are coming up with new formulations wherein the gloss is not sticky at all. Slightly denser than traditional glosses, with the same signature sheen, these new types of glosses are less prone to bleed or pile-up in strange places.

make-up trends from Korea

Dark Shades on the Lips: Trends from Korea say dark lips will be trendy…even with the mask on!

Everyone has at least one dark red, burgundy, or vampire-style lipstick in their makeup bag. Traditional dark lipsticks are always trendy and are not going anywhere, but right now it is a bit hard to get good use out of them. In particular, the texture of traditional lipsticks is not terribly mask-friendly. Therefore, people look for something that is more long-lasting and smudge-proof. While lip-tints have always been a staple in Asia, the western world is only just discovering their power now. With more interest in darker colors and dark nudes, the western market is pushing towards creating more colors that are suited to the new trend that favors darker lips.

In Korea, new brands targeting young adults and younger generations have come up with color palettes that are new to the Asian market. For example, the brand BlackRouge has mainly red-toned lip tints and stains, which vary in depth of color and undertone. Another brand that had the idea to incorporate extremely deep red, burgundy, and brown lipstick was makeup artist’s brand Rom&. They proposed several dark shades in several formats, from lip glosses to lip stains (available in matte or glossy textures) and normal lipsticks.

Rom& has even pushed further on the trend by creating a collection inspired by tteokbokki, traditional Korean rice cakes. Koreans eat these rice cakes with a spicy red sauce that leaves their lips stained with a signature red color. New make-up trends from Korea follow this kind of strategy: mixing traditions and modernity through make-up.

make-up trends from Korea

Glitters Everywhere

Last, but certainly not least of these trends for 2021 is…glitter! At some point in 2019 glitter made a comeback in chunky, colorful pans. However, South Korea has been delivering some of the best glittery eyeshadow on the market for quite some time. This year is a whole different matter because glitter can be found in all different types of makeup products. This is one of the make-up trends from Korea anyone can jump on, no matter the skin tone.

Lip glosses and lipsticks have glitter, following trendy brand’s decisions to go for metallic-sparkly finishes, such as Tom Ford, Huda Beauty, and Kiko. The East caught up, and even put glitters in their highlighters. Both Etude House and Rom&’s recent collections include glittery highlighters. Chic indie brand Hince gave us some beautiful glittery highlighters in cream, going from traditional colors such as peach and pink to opalescent duochromes with reds and blues hues.
So, what are you waiting for? Try these new makeup trends today.

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