Tea Tree oil, an effective solution to reduce skin troubles

Tea Tree oil, an effective solution to reduce skin troubles

tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is used by many brands to make anti-acne cosmetics. That is why this essential oil soon became famous as a remedy for troubled skin. You can use it as a spot treatment, you can add it to your skincare, or even to your hair packs. What is there that this ingredient cannot do? Let’s find out more about it!

What is tea tree oil?

It is an essential oil coming from the Melaleuca Folia tree. Also known as Australia’s melaleuca, this plant’s leaves are mainly cultivated for the essential oils market. Actually, people have been harvesting it for centuries. In the past, Doctors frequently used it in traditional medicine to treat all sorts of skin conditions. Nowadays, this essential oil became a popular and common ingredient used by people who look for natural remedies.

Main benefits of this essential oil

Bacterial and Fungal acne treatment

We commonly use this oil in acne treatments in our everyday lives. The belief that its properties help to heal skin troubles comes from traditional herbal medicine practitioners,  who used this essential oil for numerous skin diseases. Ancient doctors believed it could cure nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and insect bites as well.  However, after clinical trial, research suggests that it is not a medicine and can be only considered as a complementary treatment.
Nonetheless, this herbal ingredient provides relief, soothing effects, and has mild antibacterial properties, hence we use it in many products that target acne or oily skin.  Anyway, we always advise you to seek proper medical advice instead of relying on homemade recipes.
Tea tree oil has a high concentration of terpinen-4-ol, the chemical responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers think it is also the chemical responsible for its antibacterial properties. In fact, it can kill yeasts and fungi, especially the ones responsible for candida. This makes this ingredient perfect for treating acne, both fungal and bacterial.

Body & Hair health

As mentioned above, tea tree has antifungal properties and works very well against yeast. For this reason, it is effective against cradle cab and mild forms of dandruff caused by yeasts. Essential oils are in fact safer than medical shampoos, especially for kids. People have also said that, by using tea tree in their hair care products, they experience less itchiness and greasiness on the scalp.
Thanks to its effectiveness in fighting yeast-derived inflammation, it can kill micro-bacteria that cause bad odors and thus be used as a natural deodorant. Medical research also showed that tea tree gel applied on nails is extremely effective in reducing nail fungus. At Miiro we really suggest looking for tea tree-based body products, if you have problems with yeast-infections!
Many alternative medicine practitioners tend to apply tea tree on mosquito bites or wounds. This essential oil is said to soothe irritations and boost wound healing. While the least is debatable, research shows how this ingredient helps in reducing swelling.

How to use Tea Tree Oil?

It can be easily mixed in your skincare, whether you want to mix it in a cream, a gel-type of product, or in your shampoo. Otherwise, you can apply it directly to the skin and use it as a spot treatment. It gives its best if used together with green tea and lavender essential oils. However, this ingredient can only be applied externally, you should not ingest it.

Study shows how shampoos with at least 5% of melaleuca effectively removed dandruff and soothed itchy scalp. Thus, we suggest you pay attention to the INCI of the products you buy, or to check and adding a proper amount if you make your own.

Did you know these facts about Tea tree? Discover other good ingredients for your skin with Miiro Beauty!

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