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People say that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”… but we disagree! At MiiRO Beauty, we’re dedicated to spreading beauty to all, not only from the outside but inside as well, with the help of the best Korean beauty brands.


Welcome to the MiiRO Beauty blog! 


Every week, we will be discussing about popular k-beauty brands to providing tips in maintaining and developing your inner well-being. We are collaborating with four renowned k-beauty companies originated from Korea: Dr. Pelo, Wish Formula, Ucine Beauty, and Wish Formula. Read on about each company to learn more about the best Korean beauty brands for you!


Dr. Pelo

best korean beauty brands

Dr. Pelo hopes to revitalize youth with natural hair care by encouraging satisfaction, self-love, and self-esteem. Dr. Pelo’s name was created from the Spanish word “pelo” which translates to hair. Hair damage is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome.

Therefore, Dr.Pelo has created the ‘baby face hair project’ to make the process worthwhile. After conducting years of research and clinical demonstrations among 50 patients, Dr. Pelo’s shampoo and toner were curated with 10 natural ingredients including green tea, rosemary, mugwort, wilfordfi root, houttuynia, and more!


Wish Formula

Wish Formula, founded in 2006, falls under the parent enterprise, Cotterang Inc. The brand specializes in fermentation technology to create a routine with Korean skincare.

Wish Formula provides cleansers, toners, serums, face masks, and peeling products. They currently distribute their products among over 1,500 dermatology and aesthetics clinics. They offer clinically proven ingredients, optimized formula functionality, and restricts usage of steroids or heavy metal.


Ucine Beauty 

Ucine Beauty is the sister brand of Wish Formula and falls under the same parent enterprise. They have a beautiful meaning behind their brand’s name. The U stands for Yu, which is the last name of the CEO of Ucine Beauty, Michael Yu. The C stands for cosmetic, I stands for innovate, and N stands for number 1. Lastly, the E stands for enterprise.

Michael Yu hopes to provide quality and affordable Korean skincare to both women and men all over the world!



popular k-beauty brands

Meditamin is one of the most popular k-beauty brands that offer the best vitamins to achieve the perfect glass skin! Their most popular products from the Snow Cell line provides your skincare routine with brightening effects, detox, and skin cell regeneration. Giving the protection your healthy skin deserves, Meditamin products help prevent hyperpigmentation and boost your immune system. The Snow Cell contains collagen, glutathione, fermented rice bran enzyme, and Vitamin B & C. Meditamin advocates for providing health supplements while avoiding synthetic ingredients and chemical additives. 


Final Thoughts

Beauty is not just limited to the outside but flows deep within ourselves. Therefore, these four companies lie at the core of our mission. MiiRO Beauty is honored to be able to work alongside the best Korean beauty brands! We hope to inform you all on how to adopt a balanced lifestyle through quality Korean skincare and supplements.

Please look forward to all the projects coming shortly! We are excited to show you all the hard work our team has been doing to create MiiRO Beauty!

Make sure to check out our updates on the latest Korean beauty trends and product releases!

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