Minimalistic Natural Skincare: 5 Questions You Need To Ask

Minimalistic skincare

What is a minimalistic natural skincare routine, especially in the Korean beauty industry?

You may have heard of the 10-Step Korean skincare trend a few years ago. The 10 steps consist of two cleansers (one oil-based and one water-based), exfoliant, toner, essence, treatment, sheet mask, eye care, moisturizer, and sunscreen. While all these skincare products make up a big part of the beauty industry, especially in Korea, not all of them are necessary or even beneficial for certain skin types.

One of the newest trends in skincare is a more minimalistic approach to one’s routine. Read on to find out how you can apply a minimalist approach for a more natural skincare routine!

What is minimalist skincare?

So what contributes to minimalist skincare? As the name suggests, this beauty routine focuses solely on the essentials that your skin needs. This is a very flexible approach. It allows you to think and choose products based on your skincare goals and your budget. For example, the routine might look like this:

  • cleanser
  • exfoliant
  • toner
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen

Or perhaps some like this:

  • cleanser
  • exfoliant
  • serum
  • lotion
  • sunscreen

Or maybe:

  • cleanser
  • exfoliant
  • toner
  • face mask (once or twice a week)
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen

This method cuts the well-known Korean skincare regimen in half! As you can see, there are steps that are hard to skip and ignore, such as cleaning your skin. Korean double cleansing is especially beneficial and is one of the skincare secrets of Korea!

Similarly, sunscreens are also considered a must-have product all-year-round, not just during the approaching summer weather, so make sure you have space left for some SPF in your routine.

More likely than not, you already have everything you need in your current skincare routine. The important part is focusing on the base of your routine and only on the essentials that your skin needs. It’s easy to get caught in new products, especially in a big industry such as Korean beauty.

What do experts say?

We’re easily overwhelmed with the number of products offered on today’s market. This can easily lead to buying items our skin doesn’t even need or that can even damage it. As Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, MD explains to, “I have patients who arrive at their initial consultation with a large bag full of products they either use never, sporadically or all at once. Because of that, they can’t tell which one is the problem and those that are actually working for them.”

So the most practical solution is to take a step back, put away the extra treatment products, and return to the basics.

Minimalistic Natural Skincare

How can you start your minimalistic natural skincare routine?

Most likely you already have everything you need to begin your new routine even today. The beauty of this approach is that it consists of only the bare essentials your skin needs. It’s more personalized and it allows you to focus your energy and budget only on a handful of products.

Take a look into your skincare drawer or mini fridge and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which products do I use every day?
  • Is there a product I have not used in the last month (or more)?
  • Are there certain skincare ingredients that I need right now?
  • What are my skincare goals?
  • What is my budget for skincare?

Overall, the most important thing about skincare is to make sure it allows you to focus on yourself. This is your ‘me-time’. Only you know which routine will fit your current needs and wants — and your goals (as well as the routine itself) can change over time! Most importantly, remember to have fun with your minimalistic natural skincare routine.

Have you started creating your minimalistic natural skincare? What are some of the steps that you can’t live without?

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