8 Incredible Korean Methods For Blackheads


Have you ever heard of Korean methods for blackheads treatment?

If there’s anything to like less about acne, it’s that they come in a variety. One of the most notable eyesores of them all is blackheads. You’ve probably heard of them (they love to come in clusters), not to mention had the misfortune of them pop up annoyingly on the surface of your face, back or shoulders.

These unwanted yet all-too-common black spots are caused by clogged pores trapped with dead skin cells and sebum (oil). If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the over 50 million Americans affected by acne, according to an article by Healthline.

And it’s no surprise that as the most common skin disorder, there are countless skin care products competing for your attention. But to beat the dreaded blackheads for good, look beyond the usual American products and farther east to South Korea. With K-beauty, skincare is both simple and filled with natural ingredients. This includes various Korean methods for blackheads.

Try any of these 8 Korean methods for blackheads:

Cleanse and Repeat with Double Cleansing

Korean Methods For Blackheads

Your face is an open canvas, so always make sure to clean your skin properly first.

Step 1 of the double cleansing process involves an oil-based cleanser. Use this to remove any makeup or sunscreen. This also ensures the removal of any dirt and excess sebum⁠— and prevents future blackheads from forming.

Step 2 is the water-based cleanser. These cleansers wash away any residual sweat or dirt on your skin.

Also, make sure to double cleanse twice a day, once in the morning and before bed, to complete the double-cleansing.

So what product should you try? When it comes to double cleansing, you can be happy knowing you’re taking care of your face by using the Smile Clean Face, a double-sided face sponge perfect for banishing blackheads! It’s one of the staples of Korean methods for blackheads.

Exfoliate in Moderation

Exfoliating more than 1-3 times a week can irritate your skin. When done in moderation, however, it extracts dead skin cells and other unwanted matter. The exfoliating pad Bubble Peeling Pad C200 is a double-sided peeling pad that leaves your skin brighter and healthier than before. The pad consists of Vitamin C and other nutritious extracts such as celery, broccoli, carrots and more. It also contains glycolic acid, a common alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that gently treats the superficial surface of the skin while providing a deep clean.

Remember when trying any of these Korean methods for blackheads to be gentle with your skin and observe its reaction!

Cancel Blackheads with Clay Masks

get rid of blackheads with clay masks

Excess oil on skin is a main ingredient for clogged pores, but clay masks help balance this. According to an article from Lewlewmedia, the use of clay masks goes back more than 5,000 years ago in India. There, “clay was used as face and body masks as a skin treatment, and was later used during Indian religious rituals and weddings.” Ancient Egypt also has a rich history with clay masks; one of their most famous figures, Cleopatra, used them!

Clay masks effectively treat skin overrun with oil, so apply them once or twice a week to prevent future blackheads.

To apply a basic clay mask:
  1. Grab a quarter-sized amount of clay.
  2. Spread the clay starting from your upper neck to your face. Make sure it’s spread evenly.
  3. Let the clay stay on your face for about 15 minutes.
  4. Wash the clay mask with lukewarm water.

Smooth it out with Skin Brushes

Much like exfoliators, skin brushes target dead skin cells. Since it’s a deep cleanse, skin brushes are excellent tools for cleansing ingredients to reach your skin. Make sure, though, to clean and replace the brush heads as needed to avoid a breeding ground for bacteria. On Amazon, the price of skin brushes range anywhere from $9.99 and $21.99 to even pricier options. Choose the one that works best for your skin type and budget!

Note: If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to pass on skin brushes, as the brushing can aggravate it.

Detoxify with Charcoal Masks

charcoal mask

K-beauty adores face masks so it shouldn’t be surprising to see masks under Korean methods for blackheads. Charcoal masks especially are great for absorbing toxins in acne-ridden and oily faces. In other words, they’re great for getting rid of blackheads! Like most things, it’s best to use charcoal masks in moderation (think twice a week).

They also come in different types, like peel-off masks and/or nose strips. Masks made out of bamboo charcoal and fermented honey are flexible in terms of who can use it. No matter if you have oily, dry, combination, or just regular skin, these masks are effective for every skin type.

How to apply a charcoal mask:
  1. Apply the mask evenly over your face. Gently rub the mask into your skin with your fingertips or a soft brush.
  2. Let the mask dry for 15 minutes. Rinse it off afterwards with warm water.
  3. Dry your face. Use a facial moisturizer to rehydrate your skin.

Redefine Your Skin with Retinoids

You’re probably wondering what retinoids are, but don’t worry: If there’s one thing to know, it’s that they’re another useful tool against fighting blackheads! Retinoids and retinols (a less-concentrated alternative) are in abundance of vitamin A. This vitamin letter is responsible for the production and healing of skin cells, and helps prevent breakouts. Retinol-based products are available over-the-counter, while its stronger variation, retinoids, are prescribed by your doctor. With retinoids, you can be sure you’re not only treating and preventing blackheads, but also shaping your very skin cells.

Evaporate with Steam

One of the Korean methods for blackheads goes back to one of the popular skincare practises in Korea. Facial steamers help hydrate your face, as well as help absorb other skincare products by opening your pores. So how does steam help treat blackheads?

The website luxeluminous explains that “the increase in temperature of the skin due to the process helps improve the blood circulation to the pores. When that happens, the pores dilate.” In addition, when you sweat from the steam, your pores are relieved of excess oil and dead skin cells that are responsible for clogging.

Before you steam, remember to clean your face first to remove existing makeup, dirt, oils and dead skin cells. If you don’t want to use a face steamer, you can use steam in other ways. You can place your head over a bowl of boiled hot water or cover your face with a towel soaked in hot water, switching out the towel when it gets cold.

This is one of the safest Korean methods for blackheads and our personal favorite!

Shed Blackheads with Chemical Peels

It may sound scary at first, but chemical peels are typically safe when under the guidance of an experienced doctor. Like the name implies, chemical exfoliants remove the superficial layer of skin, allowing for smoother skin to surface.

While not typically the first consideration when it comes to removing blackheads, chemical peels can be the way to go if you’re looking to both treat blackheads and receive anti-aging results. Korean methods for blackheads consider various skin types, however, remember that you know your skin best.

Blackheads, and all its ugly cousins, deserve no spot on your skin. It can be overwhelming to know how to get rid of blackheads, but Korean skincare offers several beauty avenues, depending on which one best suits your skin.

Have you tried these Korean methods for blackheads treatment? What’s your favorite product to treat blackheads?

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