Double Cleansing: The Secret of Korean Skincare

Double Cleansing: The Secret of Korean Skincare

Korean Double Cleansing

Korean beauty has a great emphasis on making your skin clearer and stronger. However, everyone struggles with common concerns such as blackheads or acne prone skin. There are various products on the market made specifically to help you clear your skin. However, the real secret is not hiding in the ingredients list but how we clean our skin. Korean philosophy around beauty consists of various factors that have been promoting healthy, clear skin for generations — one of them being double cleansing.

Hint: If you’d like to learn more about Korean beauty philosophy, check out our article “Korean Skincare Philosophy: 3 Things You Need To Know.

What is Double Cleansing?

Korean double cleansing is the first step for your skincare routine. It consists of an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser. Oil-based cleansers remove excess oil and are easy to identify; they usually come in the form of cleansing oils or cleansing balms. Water-based cleansers foam up easily once you mix them with a bit of water. In order to remove all the bacteria, dirt, and sweat (that we often don’t even notice), it is highly recommended to use two types of cleansers. You should double cleanse twice a day — during your morning and night routine — but let’s be honest, we don’t have time or energy to use this method twice everyday. Nevertheless, wash your face by double cleansing at least once a day.

In order to see the true results of this technique, double cleanse twice a day and just watch your skin become healthier and happier!


What do experts say?

When it comes to skincare, any new information should not be taken lightly. There are various claims from non-experts on the internet that can sometimes do more damage than good for your skin. This is why we highly recommend looking into what professionals say about any new ingredient or technique you might be adding to your skincare.

In regards to double cleansing, Dr Susan Mayou from London’s Cadogan Cosmetics puts extra emphasis on using two types of cleansers, especially if you wear makeup everyday: “In double cleansing, the first cleanse removes most of the make-up, bacteria, and grime and the second can do a deeper clean and remove the make-up remover.” The same article describes a study conducted by Lancome showing the results of anti-aging products working faster and more effectively if the participants practiced double cleansing.

What are the benefits?

Double cleansing’s main purpose is to make sure our skin is as clean as possible. But there are many other advantages of applying this method to your routine when cleansing your face:

  • enhances benefits of other products in your routine (essence, serum, mask, moisturizer, etc.)
  • prevents acne breakouts caused by bacteria and dirt
  • promotes even skin tone
  • softens the skin
  • helps remove makeup
  • works well for all skin types

Many swear by this skincare method. It’s simple, yet very efficient. It’s also very exciting to look for a new product. There are many options to choose from so take your time with doing your research to find the perfect cleanser for you. Remember, you will need one oil-based and one water-based cleanser when cleansing your skin. It’s an important step, especially if you wearing a lot of makeup. The makeup wipes just won’t do the job!

What are your favorite cleansers of all time? What is your favorite thing about double cleansing? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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