Korean Celebrity Skincare Spotlight: 3 Ways To Maintain Youthfulness With Hyun Bin

Korean celebrity skincare

The topic of Korean celebrity skincare routines is nothing new in Korean media. Many popular actors, idols, models, and influencers endorse partner with successful brands to endorse their products. With the rise of interest in Korean culture and the audience of K-dramas and movies, many fans, both in Korea and internationally, began to wonder how the faces they see on the screen achieve a flawless look.

For various reasons, some actors, singers, and idols avoid sharing their Korean celebrity skincare routines. Details of products they use and how they practice skincare might be hard to find but Hyun Bin has given his fans an insight into his routine.

Can’t figure out the secret to Korean celebrity skincare? Worry not — let’s learn together!

Celebrity Spotlight: Who is Hyun Bin?

If at any point you became interested in Korean movies and dramas, you most likely have seen Hyun Bin in action! The 38-year-old actor is most known for his roles in Crash Landing On You (2019), Secret Garden (2010), and Memories of the Alhambra (2018). Outside of his acting career, he is also popular for his clean and fresh looks, especially with the help of K-skincare.

According to kbeautyselection.com, when Hyun Bin’s co-actor, Son Ye Jin, first met him she immediately noticed his healthy, glowing skin. Today, let’s learn how exactly Hyun Bin maintains such a youthful look: what products he uses, how often, and perhaps if there are any beauty secrets he decided to share with his fans.

What is Hyun Bin’s Must-Have Product?

The secret to the actor’s glowy skin? Moisturizing and hydrating! Hyun Bin stresses the importance of hydrating his skin. Why? It helps your skin to heal and prevent any potential damage. Dry skin is more prone to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of stress.

These are common practices among various Korean celebrity skincare routines.

Korean sheet masks are the most affordable and quickest ways to boost moisture levels in your skin. No wonder there are dozens of options on the market, and skincare fanatics still can’t get enough of them. The popularity of these skincare products has reached the West before but still, it doesn’t reflect the scale of its impact in Korea.

In some areas of Seoul, such as Myeongdong (a shopping district in the middle of the city), there are stores dedicated only to sheet masks! A popular beauty and health store chain, Olive Young, offers endless options for customers. So it shouldn’t be surprising that Hyun Bin became the face of Mediheal’s best-selling sheet mask. He has been part of their advertising campaign as early as 2015.

Want to make sure your skin is as hydrated as Hyun Bin’s and create your own Korean celebrity skincare routine? Try the Snow Glow Mask! The mask is full of natural ingredients to soothe, hydrate, and brighten your skin.

How does Hyun Bin implement K-beauty lifestyle?

As we know, Korean skincare is not just a trend and the same applies to Korean celebrity skincare. It’s a lifestyle philosophy where decisions you make on a daily basis impact the condition of your skin. Hyun Bin is no stranger to this approach. He has spoken about his athlete-like fitness regimen and diet (which often would consist of vegetables, chicken breast, and sweet potatoes).

When it comes to his workout plan, he does weights training and aerobics twice a day, several days a week.

K-skincare For Men

In many countries in the West, skincare and other beauty products are often advertised to the female audience — and so, more often than not, brands hire female models to represent them. The same can’t be said about Korea. You can easily find both female and male models and celebrities advertising a skincare or makeup product.

The representation reflects society’s approach to beauty. Men in Korea also place great importance on skincare in order to maintain a youthful look. For example, you won’t see products branded as “for men”, which can be the case in the Western market (for example, razors or even pens are advertised as “for her” or “for him”).

Brands promote their products as staples in Korean celebrity skincare routines due to the effects you may achieve with your own skin.

CNN Style documents a survey by GlobalData where the results indicated “about three-quarters of South Korean men undertake a beauty or grooming treatment (from salon hair treatments to at-home facials) at least once a week”. Clean visual appearance is not only important to Korean women but to their male population as well!

Are there any other Korean celebrity skincare routines you would like to learn about? Let us know in the comments!

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