3 Brands With Best Korean Beauty Ingredients at MiiRO Beauty

best Korean beauty ingredients

Our skin can have its good days and its bad days. Yesterday, you were glowing, and today you woke up with a new pimple. One of the best things to do is using the best products that match our skin condition. But with the endless steps of our skincare routine, we all can relate to how hard it can be to use a product for the best results!

Sometimes, they can be so unclear about what ingredients are even in the product! In order to help you with this problem, we are here today to provide you with information on the best Korean beauty ingredients within some of our best-selling products at Miiro Beauty!


Snow Glow Mask

best Korean beauty ingredients

Medatamin’s Snow Glow Mask is created with natural Korean beauty ingredients and infuses your skin with a ‘lit-from-within’ luminosity, leaving your skin feeling fresh and glowing. The presence of Vitamin B3 and niacinamide in the mask helps improve the overall skin tone and texture. The kiwi water adds in that extra glow, while the japonica bud extract acts as a great hydrating agent for the skin. Additionally, the extracts of the beautiful evodia rutaecarpa fruit, help in strengthening the skin barrier.

Snow Cell Supplement

best Korean beauty ingredients

Want your skin to feel young? Want it to feel healthy? Your search ends here! Medatamin’s Snow Cell supplements are vegan and include Korean beauty ingredients varying from Vitamin C, collagen, and fermented rice enzyme. It also contains the “magic ingredient” called glutathione. It contains three kinds of amino acids and one of the strongest anti-oxidants that protect the skin from toxins. 

Joint MSM Supplement

best Korean beauty ingredients

Want to live an active lifestyle? Medatamin’s MSM One Hundred supplements help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by boosting your immunity, protecting your joints, and increasing your energy. The supplement contains only one Korean beauty ingredient and has zero additives.

Triple Slim Diet Supplement

best Korean beauty ingredients

Want to embark on a healthier journey, but don’t know how? Worry not! The Triple Slim Diet supplement is here to help you. Weight loss supplements are indeed very helpful, but choosing the right one is a tricky business, especially since the wrong one could adversely affect your health. That’s why we have the Triple Slim Diet to ease you in your choice while allowing you to control the way you want it to happen. The supplement is entirely made up of natural ingredients like corn, rice bran, seaweed powder, and chicory. 

Garcina Supplement

best Korean beauty ingredients

Medatamin’s Garcina supplements is a natural diet supplement that helps in boosting metabolism while stimulating weight loss. So how does it work? Garcina reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and fats and increases metabolism. The active ingredient in Garcina supplements is found in the skin of the fruit and is rich in hydroxycytric acid. This acid reduces hunger and increases the sense of satiety. 

L-Carnitine Supplement

best Korean beauty ingredients

The L-Carnitine supplements is the answer to a healthier life. It assists  in weight loss while helping the body produce more energy. The L-Carnitine is a natural product compound, found in our body, and is made up of two essential amino acids, lysine and methionine. L-Carnitine supplements play an integral role in energy production and is 100% vegan. 

Dr. Pelo

Scalp Sheet


In this fast-paced world, we all lead busy and stressful lives, not giving us enough time to provide our hair with the care it deserves. Poor hair care can cause the roots to become weak, consequently leading to the blockage of its pores, causing problems like hair loss or aging scalp. However, worry not! Dr. Pelo’s Scalp Sheet is here to massage away all your problems! Scalp Sheet contains ten natural ingredients, that actively fight against dandruff. It includes Korean beauty ingredients like L-Menthol, centella asiatica extract, houttuvnia cordata extract, acorus calamarus root extract, and rosmarinus officinalis leas oil. 

Miracle Repair Treatment

best Korean beauty ingredients

Looking for ways to restore your dry hair? We’ve got you covered! Dr. Pelo’s Miracle Repair Treatment is a water-less, all-natural product that is specially designed to help restore and nourish dry hair. It aids in the prevention of pimples and hair loss, helps in maintaining the moisture and sebum of the hair, allowing the scent to last a bit longer. Also, it contains ten natural and rich herb medicine extracts, including high concentrations of amino acid and protein, that assists in reducing inflammation and skin irritation.

Ucine Beauty

Double-Sided Smile Clean Face Sponge

best Korean beauty ingredients

Swipe your makeup away with Ucine Beauty’s Double-Sided Smile Clean Face, leaving your skin soft and fresh! The Double-Sided Smile Clean Face is an innovative multi-purpose cleanser, created with a thick fabric that softly captures and removes any makeup residue. In addition, Vitamin C is infused in the sponge to help clear skin, while providing vitality and intense hydration to the skin.

Life Energy Ampoule

Struggling with stressed and tired skin? Just one pump Ucine Beauty’s Life Energy Ampoule and voila! Hello, healthy and luminescent skin! The product’s dual-functionality assists in skin whitening and wrinkle improvement. The Life Energy Ampoule is an all-in-one product that helps in making the skin look healthier and radiant.

Bubble Fairy Body Peeling Pad

best korean beauty ingredients

Ucine Beauty’s Bubble Fairy Body Peeling Pad is here to swish its wand and wish away all your skin worries! All you need is this one product to leave you with an unbelievable level of moisture and nourishment! This multi-purpose pad exfoliates and washes away dead skin cells, leaving you with hydrated and luminescent skin.  

Wish Formula

Bat Eye Mask


Wish Formula’s Bat Eye Mask is a spooky mask formulated with the best Korean beauty ingredients like Vitamin C, adenosine, centella, and fermented honey. It provides your skin with rich moisture and radiance while preventing fine lines around the eyes and nose. In addition, the Bat Eye Mask helps minimize pores, decreases wrinkles, and provides nutrients to the skin.

I’m Pro Ampoule Pad C

best Korean beauty ingredients

Wish Formula’s I’m Pro Ampoule Pad C is an innovative product that helps your skin absorb the best Korean beauty ingredients into your skin. It contains Vitamin C along with a beautiful blend of antioxidants, extracts, and oils, that provides nourishment and hydration to your skin. This unique blend gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it fresh and radiant for days.

I’m Pro Ampoule Pad M

I'm Pro Ampoule Pad M


Still using fingers to apply ampoule onto your skin? Not anymore! Wish Formula’s I’m Pro Ampoule Pad M is the most convenient alternative to all your ampoule application needs. This product contains natural extracts of a variety of exotic fruits like prunus mume, punica granatum, schizandra chinensis, lycium chinense, and morus alba. These extracts go deep into your skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your outer and inner beauty requires ingredients that are most compatible with our well-being. With how unpredictable our skin can be, we hope you walk away with a little more understanding of the best Korean beauty ingredients in some of our top-selling products at MiiRO Beauty.

Make sure to check out our updates on the latest Korean beauty trends and product releases!

Which of these best Korean beauty ingredients are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!


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