The 5 Best Face Masks for Every Skin Type


The best face masks for every skin type are out there — which one’s yours?

Face masks are an important beauty tool that can make a big difference in skin appearance. The reason face masks are so beneficial is that they moisturize, enhance and hydrate the skin. Moreover, hydration is one of the key contributors to the skin’s healthy glow and suppleness.

Face masks also improve the skin texture and hide the appearance of large pores. Another great benefit of using face masks is that they absorb oil and reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity. But there is not one face mask that cures all skin problems.

The best face masks for every skin type

The most effective face mask out there is subjective, as it depends on what type of skin you have. Read on to discover the best face masks for every skin type, including yours!

best face masks for every skin type

Clay masks: The best for oily skin

Oily skin is a common skin type. This type of skin generally has enlarged pores and can be very shiny because of the extra oil it generates. The extra oil secretion usually depends on several factors.   Hormonal imbalances, stress, heat, and humidity can all play a part in the overproduction of facial oils.  That’s why it’s so important to pick the right face mask for oily skin.

The best type of face mask for oily skin will decrease the amount of oil that is secreted and thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities. Some ingredients are especially beneficial in a face mask for oily skin.

Kaolin or bentonite helps to absorb the dirt which clogs the pores and helps get rid of excess oil. Alpha or beta hydroxy acids assist with exfoliation. Clay masks are great for oily skin because they absorb the extra oil so effectively.

Cream mask: The best for dry skin

Dry skin is another common type of skin type. Dry skin needs constant hydration to help it maintain that extra bounce and glow. This skin type is normally dry due to a variety of factors. It could be attributed to too much sun, wind, or other weather elements like cold, cool air. Staying in hot water for too long can also cause dry skin.

Lastly, many people simply inherit dry skin and are just more prone to having skin that lacks moisture.  Because of the lack of moisture associated with dry skin, clay and mud masks should be avoided because of their extremely drying attributes.

The best type of skin mask for dry skin needs facial products with plenty of oils and moisturizing ingredients. Cream masks are great in this area as they nourish and replenish dry skin cells. Overnight masks can be great for dry skin as well.




Hydrogel mask, rubber mask: The best for combination skin

Combination skin is normally oily on the chin and forehead while being dry on the cheeks. The face mask that is most beneficial for combination skin should address both issues. Mud masks should be avoided as they can be so drying. The best kind of face mask for combination skin is a hydrogel mask. They enhance skin through hydration.

Rubber masks can be good for combination skin as well. They are mixed with water and clay. The texture should be rich and thick. After applying it and smoothing it over the face, it should be allowed to harden. Finally, it can be peeled off.  How long you keep the mask on depends. It is a good idea to experiment with it to see the right amount of time needed to rejuvenate.

Clay mask: The best for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is not as common as dry, oily, or combination skin. This skin type can be challenging because it easily reacts to different elements. The weather, food, hormones, or even various facial products can upset its delicate balance.

The result is itchy, blotchy skin that flares up easily. Dehydration and acne can also plague this type of skin. The best face mask for sensitive skin is one that is a mild clay mask.

Hydrogel mask: The best for normal skin

Normal skin is typically not prone to many problems. For the most part, it’s supple and smooth, with no open pores. In addition, it’s not too dry, nor is it too oily. Even though normal skin does not have the same challenges as other skin, it still needs proper care and maintenance. Also, it is important to remember that skin type can change.

Poorly maintained skin can have problems later if not given consistent care such as cleansing and moisturizing. The best face mask for normal skin is one that has moisture. Here again, is where a good hydrogel mask would be of the most benefit because normal skin must maintain its moisture.


Selecting a good face mask is not difficult if the skin type is considered. It is always a good idea to apply a face mask at least once or twice a week. It should always be applied to clean dry skin. The results of using a good face mask regularly will be more supple and healthy skin.

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