All you’ll need to know about Korean sheet masks

All you’ll need to know about Korean sheet masks

sheet masks

Known for its convenience and immediately visible results, the Korean sheet mask is a must-try in your skincare routine. But what exactly is it, what does it do, and finally how do you get the most out of it? We’re about to dive into Sheet Mask 101.


sheet masks


What are sheet masks and its benefits?


The revolutionary Korean sheet mask is a thin single-use cotton film soaked in active skin-rejuvenating ingredients. Unlike wash-off face masks, the Korean sheet mask serum adheres and seeps into the skin’s outermost layer even after sheet mask removal.


Korean sheet mask hacks


There are numerous sheet masks all targeting different skin types and skin concerns. Ranging from acne to surface wrinkle-prevention, the Korean sheet mask assortment is sure to have something for you. Moreover, with Kbeauty’s use of innovative ingredients like mugwort, snail mucin, and centella, the opportunities are endless.


To learn more about innovative Kbeauty ingredients, click here.


Yet despite this praise, the Korean sheet mask is just that, a sheet. In other words, it’s truly only meant for rapid skin nourishment. The inner layers of the skin, for example where deep wrinkles originate, won’t renew. Furthermore, even if worn for longer than the general allotted time, 15-20 minutes, the benefits will not be any greater than those given during the suggested time.


Fortunately, however, the Korean sheet mask’s effects still outweigh those compared to when no sheet mask is used. As stated earlier, the sheet mask provides intense moisture exposure, which, generally speaking, is often enough to repair the skin barrier from day-to-day damage. Therefore, revitalizing the skin and protecting it from further external damage.


Sheet Mask Hacks


Now that we have gone over the benefits of the sheet mask, I’m going to give you some insider tips on how to get the most out of your sheet mask.


Korean sheet mask

  • During application, smooth all the bubbles as best you can.


Even though this may seem like a no-brainer, due to the “one-size fits all” design of the sheet mask, it’s often difficult to make the entire sheet mask adhere to the skin. As such, the skin is left with varying levels of moisture exposure, creating an imbalance. 


Therefore to ensure that you maximize the benefits of the mask, despite the limiting design, you should carefully read the directions and take extra time to smooth out the bubbles as best as possible. Also, if there is a plastic backing, don’t forget to remove it!


  • Don’t throw away the essence!


Oftentimes, there is an abundance of essence or serum left at the bottom of the packaging. Don’t waste it! 


For me personally, after applying the face mask, I like to pour out the leftover essence in the package and apply it to my neck, arms, and hands. Sometimes, after the 15-20 minutes, I apply the sheet mask to my neck as well. Afterwards, I make sure to squeeze out the remaining essence and massage it into any other dry patches.


  • Continue with your skincare even after sheet mask application.


Given that the sheet mask’s main purpose is hydration, it’s easy to overlook moisturizer. But moisturizer isn’t only a form of hydration. It’s also an essential product that helps lock in the moisture garnered from toners, essences, and serums into the skin. Therefore, even after sheet mask application, make sure to follow-up with a good moisturizer. If during the day, don’t forget sunscreen as well.


  • Listen to your skin.


It is a common question “How often should you use Korean sheet masks?”. Now, the average person will use a sheet mask 1-3 times a week. Some even choose to use a sheet mask everyday. However, everyone’s skin type and needs is different, so it’s important to observe the changes in your skin and make the judgment to increase or decrease sheet mask usage.


Along the same lines, it’s also important to keep sustainability in mind. Staying eco-conscious in all aspects of life, including skincare, will help decrease our carbon footprint and hopefully give way to a healthier planet.


Sheet Mask Recommendation: Meditamin Snow Glow Sheet Mask


Given the wide variety of sheet masks out there, which one should you try first? I recommend Meditamin’s Snow Glow Mask.


Snow Glow Mask


Filled with ingredients like kiwi water, cryptomeria japonica bud extract, and evodia fruit extract, the Snow Glow mask is known for its brightening and deep moisturizing effects. Moreover, with niacinamide, this product is enjoyable for those with even the most sensitive of skin types. After a couple uses, your skin is sure to be more radiant, elastic, and even in tone, creating that glass skin aesthetic. 


Final Thoughts


Korean sheet mask


Korean sheet masks are an amazing method to revitalize the skin and give it that dewy inner glow. Whether you’re looking for that fresh look or want a nice base for makeup, sheet masks are sure to give you the best complexion no matter the occasion.


So get all its advantages, let’s go over the sheet mask tips once more!


  • Smooth all the bubbles as best as possible
  • Don’t throw away the essence
  • Continue with your skincare routine even after sheet mask application
  • Listen to your skin


Finally, I want to leave you with one of my favorite sheet mask tips — leaving your sheet masks in the refrigerator. By doing so, your sheet mask is sure to have a cooling effect during application, leaving your skin refreshed and ready for moisturizer.


To learn more about K-beauty and the latest skincare products, make sure to read our last post.

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