5 Amazing Vitamin C Benefits for Hair and Skin You Need To Know About


Vitamin C is one of the most commonly taken vitamin supplements due to its incredible ability to amp up your immune system. Even though vitamin C is often touted for its health benefits, it’s one of the underrated vitamins for keeping your hair healthy.

But the benefits of vitamin C don’t stop there. Vitamin C can be found as a key ingredient in skincare and haircare. Check the ingredients list of the current products you use or the ones you want to buy!

Vitamin C benefits have been a huge topic in the Korean skincare community for obvious reasons – the results don’t lie!

Here are 5 vitamin C benefits for hair and skin you should know about!

1 – Vitamin C builds strong hair roots

Vitamin C helps the body absorb many vital nutrients, and one of the most important is iron. Iron is essential to having strong roots. Taking vitamin C on a daily basis can help your body take in and use iron more efficiently, which will rejuvenate hair roots.

Iron is essential to boost circulation and carry oxygen to your scalp. In fact, a lack of iron can speed up hair fall. It’s difficult for the body to process iron, so by pairing it with vitamin C you ensure the best hair growth.

2 – Vitamin C benefits your hair

While many focus on what vitamin C can do from the inside out, don’t underestimate the power of vitamin C when it comes to hair health. Using conditioner or hair masks with vitamin C can help your scalp fight off dandruff as well as prevent premature grey hairs.

By keeping your scalp healthy, a dose of vitamin C also helps you combat hair loss. Make sure to look for hair care products without sulfate as that can dry out your hair.

5 Amazing Vitamin C Benefits for Hair and Skin You Need To Know About

3 – Vitamin C prevents wrinkles 

Like iron, collagen can be difficult for the body to process. One of the vitamin C benefits is that it enables the body to take in collagen. Collagen provides skin structure and the loss of it can speed up the signs of aging — like wrinkles. It is important to eat collagen-rich foods but also make sure that your body has the tools to use that collagen well.

By taking vitamin C, collagen will help keep your skin supple. Not only is collagen production important for your skin, but it also strengthens your nails and your hair follicles.

4 – Vitamin C makes your skin glow

Even beyond its anti-aging properties, vitamin C supplements have been found to reduce age-related dryness, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Using vitamin C in your own face masks can help reduce redness and even out your skin tone so your skin can glow naturally.

On top of that, dermatologists approve vitamin C’s use in skincare. It is generally safe and gentle when included in serums.

5 – Vitamin C reduces skin problems

Vitamin C benefits include a vital role in wound healing by helping to strengthen the body. As it strengthens the body, it also strengthens the body’s ability to heal. For certain skin problems like eczema, vitamin C supplements can help your skin heal after a flare up. But don’t stop there: Here are 8 other Korean skincare ingredients that help treat eczema!

When it comes to vitamins, vitamin C doesn’t oversell its health benefits. It actively helps you fight aging, while also being incredibly beneficial to your body’s hair and skin. 

Learning about vitamin c benefits for hair and skin will help you understand if you need it in your self-care routine and if so where you want to use this ingredient. Either as a supplement or in a form of drops, with vitamin c benefits you will be able to achieve that amazing glow!

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