Our Story

MiiRo Beauty is your one-stop shop for high-quality Korean skincare products and beauty supplements. Our products help ensure a new, healthy, and balanced lifestyle to boost your confidence from the inside and out. Further, we highly value not only external beauty but also the internal health of you, our customers. MiiRo Beauty takes pride in spreading the wellness of Korean beauty products globally. Most importantly, we want your results to be the best that they can be. Because of this, we took it upon ourselves to shift the perspective of beauty from society to the individual.
Wish Formula C200 Bubble Peeling Pad
Our name, MiiRo Beauty, means “the way of beauty within me.” In other words, we are focused most on what your own beauty is and the ways we can exemplify it uniquely for you. Not all products will work the same for every skin type. So we are here to help you discover your own unique beauty path. We have product types ranging from skincare to ingestible beauty. Each give beneficial effects to your external beauty and your internal health. Overall, our goal is to spread Korean beauty products to the world by instilling a balanced lifestyle of health and beauty and by taking Korean beauty to the next level.


The  company we have behind MiiRo Beauty is East Meets West. We, as East Meets West, have worked with numerous Korean beauty brands. Further, we have another brand under this company called Seoul Cosmetic Surgery—a government licensed company in Korea that specializes in medical tourism. As Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, we find the best clinics and doctors for beauty treatments and procedures for patients. Because of our work within these companies, we are highly knowledgeable in K-beauty. And, further, we are always on pulse with current happenings throughout the Korean beauty market. This has given us a holistic view on beauty.
What does beauty mean to you? Is it just external beauty—radiant skin, soft lines, maybe proper hydration? To MiiRo Beauty, beauty is not just our external beauty, but it is also our internal health. We look more beautiful when we feel more beautiful—and we know that you will, too. Above all, this means having a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Our high-quality Korean beauty products give you just that. The balance you might be missing if you focus only on your external beauty can help be repaired with our ingestible beauty products and beauty supplements. When you achieve the balance of health and beauty, you will feel confident and you will feel unstoppable—your own beauty shining through in the most beautiful way possible, in the most way possible. Certainly, your own beauty could never be replicated by others, that’s why we, at MiiRo beauty, focus most on personifying that individual beauty within you.

MiiRo Beauty stands for the way you feel about yourself after using our products. That confidence and that beauty you will have exemplified with our products is exactly what we’re aiming for. By spreading Korean beauty products to the world, we hope to help many people reach that feeling. So, when you’re ready to start helping your balance between internal health and external beauty, take a look at the products we’re offering and discover your way into beauty with MiiRo Beauty.